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P60 certificate and P11D certificate for the year ending 5 April 2014

If you were receiving a stipend through the payroll on 5 April 2014 you will be sent a P60 certificate and, where applicable, a P11D statement of benefits (for those who have received an HLC allowance during the last year).

These documents will be with you, at the latest, by the statutory deadlines set by HM Revenue and Customs, of:

31 May 2014 for the P60.

6 July 2014 for the P11D.

We will try to get the information to you as soon as we can. If you have a meeting with your tax advisor before you receive the documents please ensure you take your monthly stipend statements which have your stipend, tax and HLC information. This will help you complete your tax return in the interim. If you require any statements duplicates are available from our MyView online service.


2014 Annual Return

This year we are changing the annual return process for those who are eligible to receive the heating, lighting, cleaning and garden upkeep (HLC) allowance.

We have not yet finalised the process but you will still be required to declare your actual HLC expenditure during the last year as well as an estimate of what you think you will spend in the coming year.

As soon as the form(s) are ready we will contact you with detailed instructions to help you complete them.

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